Legless in Burgundy

Well, on 28th February 2008 I had my Saul on the road to Damascus moment. In fact, it was a car speeding in the opposite direction, hitting me and my beautiful racing bike directly, leaving me permanently “Legless in Burgundy”.

I am a wine broker for a French négoçiant en vins fins. Albion Vins Fins. Like coals to Newcastle, I am English, mostly selling Italian wine in the heart of Burgundy. Go figure.

But wine has always been more to me than commerce. Mercifully.

So wine, a little business, épicurean joy and a smorgasbord  of thoughts and commentary.

Wine offers not one way, only a myriad of opportunities.


1 Response to Legless in Burgundy

  1. Mathew: I loved “Palate Fatigue”: your writing and your humor are as unique and as sharp as ever. I should be in Burgundy in early June and hope to see you. Happy Holidays. Jeff

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